Fulfill Your Dream as a Database Administrator

Fulfill Your Dream as a Database Administrator

Database is the main pillar of an IT organization. It is also considered as the backbone of several software applications.But behind these databases there are some talented people, who are responsible for storing the data, organizing the data and maintaining the data. These talented people are called as Database Administrator or DBA.

Database Administrator sets up the databases according to the enterprise’s needs and ensures that the databases operate efficiently as per the company’s need.They are answerable for implementing security processes to protect the enterprise’s most valuable and sensitive data.

Database Administrator’s Duties:

  • Establishing the users’ need
  • Monitoring the access of users and security
  • Monitoring the performance
  • Mapping to the conceptual design
  • Database administrator refines the logical design so that it can be translated into a specific data model.
  • Installation of new versions of database management systems and test them.
  • Upholding the data standard.
  • Writing the database documentation along with data standards, definitions, data dictionary and procedures.
  • Backup and recovery –DBA has to take backups periodically. Database Administrator should have the thorough knowledge on restore procedure.
  • They have to analyze from where locks are coming and has to detect deadlocks.
  • DBA has to work closely with the project managers and database programmers.
  • Database Administrators are responsible for communicating regularly with technical, operational and applications staff to ensure database security and integrity.Any graduate or master degrees in computer science field are eligible for onlineDBA training program. To be a good Database Administrator you need to join a DBA training program. We provide Oracle DBA online training for the fresher and experienced learners.To know more about our Oracle DBA online training program and for special discounts.
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