Introduction to SQL Loader and Types of Files

Introduction to SQL Loader and Types of Files

SQL Loader: SQL*Loader is a bulk loader service used for moving data from external files to the Oracle database. Its syntax is alike to that of the DB2 load utility. But it has more options. It supports various selective loading, load formats and multi-table loads. SQL*Loader is the utility used for high performance data loads. Data can be loaded from any text file and can be inserted into the database.

Input data file for SQL*Loader: It is an input text file.It contains the data which needs to be loaded into an oracle table. Each and every recordrequiresbeing in a separate line and the column values should be delimited by common delimiter character.

SQL*Loader Control File: This file contains the instructions to the sqlldr utility. This conveyssqlldr the location of the input file, format of the input file and tells about the other optional meta data info required by the sqlldr to upload data into oracle tables.


$ cat example01.ctl

load data

infile ‘/home/surya/emp.txt’

into table employee

fields terminated by “,”

( id, name, designation, salary )

  1. infile – Infile indicates the location of the input data file
  2. into table – This indicates the table name in where this data should be inserted
  3. fields terminated by – This specifies the delimiter that is used in the input file to separate the fields
  4. id, name, designation, salary – These are lists the name of column names in the table into which data should be uploaded.

SQL Loader and Types-Bigclasses
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